Tadpole DB Hub is a platform that provides the security of the database (access control / security / audit), collaboration (joint resources and execution management), development environments, database security (Information Security Management System (ISMS, PIMS), European privacy laws (GDPR)) is committed to providing a basic environment for compliance.

Why Using TadpoleHub?

  • Visualisasi-Data

    Difficulty in Managing Databases

    Due to the variety of databases, the complexity of database management is increasing.

  • Machine-Learning

    Diversification of Database Users

    The number of users using the database is increasing, and the environment of using the database is also getting complicated.

  • Deep-Learning

    Difficulties in managing resources and contacts in various databases

    Difficulties in using various types of database management tools and visibility for user management and security are required.

The Solutions Provided by TadpoleHub

  • Visualisasi-Data

    Database Security Standard Compliance

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  • Machine-Learning

    Autentication Users & User Oriented Functions

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Database Security Standard Compliance

  • Login-IP-Management

    Login IP Management

  • OTP-Autentication

    OTP Autentication

  • Block-User

    Block User

  • User-Management

    User Management

  • User-Audit

    User Audit

  • User-Right-Management

    User Rights Management

  • Database-information-hidden

    Database Information Hidden

  • Anomaly-User-Detection

    Anomaly User Detection

Autentication Users & User Oriented Functions

  • Deep-Learning
  • Deep-Learning

User Autentication

Information stored in the LDAP database can be used for the server service authentication process. So if we have several server services we can use the username information that already exists on the LDAP server in other words as a source of centralized authentication (Single Sign On).

  • edge
  • chrome
  • firefox
  • safari

User Interface

TadpoleHUB is an application that runs on the browser so that TadpoleHUB can be accessed by all operating systems that support the browser.

Various Database Management

Databases Basic Tools Provided

  • Visualisasi-Data

    Provide same database access interface such as Object explorer, SQL and PLSQL editor, and Session monitoring.

  • Machine-Learning

    Providing ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) View by Database.

  • Deep-Learning

    Database management and sharing of user resources and history.

  • Deep-Learning

    DDL (Data Definition Language) change history management and Schema comparison function.

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